CMAK Crane Systems,

is one of the largest standard industrial crane-kit manufacturer in the world, while having one of the most modern crane-kit manufacturing facilities. Our partners are located in 5 continents and 24 countries, and Since 1977, CMAK brand products operate in a wide range of industrial facilities in more than 65 countries. 

  • Our products provide the best return on investment with top-notch quality and decent pricing.
  • We value any feedbacks received from our customers; and we utilize them to design future improvements ,and even, totally new products.
  • “Safety comes first!”. CMAK products are equipped with top-notch automation systems with intelligent maintenance support, reporting capabilities, and monitoring systems to prevent any kind of accidents or unwanted situations.
  • We provide the extreme fast order delivery, with our mass manufacturing capabilities.
  • We are committed to provide high-tech material handling equipment and expert services to increase the effectiveness and performance of our customers’ businesses.

Since 1977, investing in trust and quality…