Special Cranes, Anodizing Application

Special Cranes, Anodizing Application

Alumininum industry has been a raising value in Turkey. The growth in alumunium industry has provided the employment as consequence and big benefits to the national economy while increasing the export numbers over the past 10 years

Anodizing plant is one of the greatest needs of aluminium industry. Until recently, they were only existed in large-scale aluminium companies in Turkey The manufacture and installation of these facilities used to be made by other companies and big budgets were allocated for them. Also, Anodizing Crane Systems which are these facility’s one of the most important machines and equipments, were supplied by foreign companies.

CMAK has manufactured and installed many anodizing crane systems to the major aluminium companies’ anodizing plants, whereby reducing dependence on other applications; and increasing the anodizing capacity significantly.

Anodizing cranes are offered with a much lower cost to the aluminium industry by CMAK ,compared to other companies. If we mention about the general characteristics of anodizing cranes we manufacture;

  • Compact – Aesthetic, Robust and Reliable design
  • Ability to work fully-automatic and semi-automatic ( with automation )
  • Accurate motions with vertical and horizontal guidance systems
  • Excellent automation system with pinion & rack drive system and high positioning accuracy
  • Using chain in hoisting movement ( Suitable for the acidic environment )
  • Working accuracy with inverters for all motions

These features increase the capacity minimum%50 in anodizing plant in accordance with old classic designs. This application minimizes use of labor as the rest of the systems are fully-automatic and controlled by computers; Thus, labor loss is prevented and the anodizing plant becomes 24/7 operable, while increasing efficiency with low labor and shorter / faster cycles.

Yaşar Yerekaban, the board of directors of Sistem Aluminium (one of the leading companies in the industry), tells us his opinions and experiences about the industry in our interview;

"In 1994, Sistem Alüminyum company started to manufacture aluminium profile in 3000 m2 area in Merter, İstanbul. The company continued to manufacture here until 1998, then moved to Hadımköy, İstanbul. Our company operated in Hadımköy until 2013. In 2013, the company moved in new facilities in Çorlu which was located on 350.000 m2 and established in 60.000m2 covered area in accordance with today’s conditions. Our annual manufacture capacity will be 35000 ton/year whereby having 2500t press with 1100 ton/month capacity. We supplied our alumunium anodizing cranes from CMAK Cranes systems. Our anodizing plant’s installation and commissioning completed recently. When it starts working at full capacity, our 1750 ton/month production capacity will increase by %50 and it will be approximately 2600 ton/month. I would like to thank to CMAK Crane Systems to be more than a supplier partner, to lead us about our needs and to show their interest and attention since the establishment of the plant."