Why CMK Series Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Why CMK Series Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Why CMK series?

In today’s industry, electric overhead cranes are picked over other material handling solutions in most of the cases, due to obvious benefits they provide; thus widely used in most of the industry. In this short writing, we’re going to mention about CMK electric wire rope hoist, some problem scenarios of electric wire rope hoists with comparison of CMK electric wire rope hoist to conventional electric wire rope hoists behaviors.

CMK series electric wire rope hoist’s drum diameter is larger than other electric wire rope hoists approximately around two times. Thus ensures compact dimensions while providing longer height of lifting. In addition to higher lifting height, wire rope’s service life is longer approximately by 4 times because of its smaller bending angle, which is due to wider drum.

CMK series electric wire-rope hoist’s lifting motor is located inside of the drum. Thanks to this specification cooling is done more efficiently and lifting motor is kept at optimal working temperature.

Lifting and lowering limit has double layers, thus during the lifting process at pre-set height, hoisting will continue in creep speed and after it reach maximum height, lifting will be automatically stopped, same applies to the lowering limits. Thanks to this limits, wire rope’s safe working is assured and potential faults are avoided

CMK series cranes are designed for heavy conditions (high ED%) in FEM norms.

Overload switch to prevent overloading.

Very silent running thanks to high quality parts.

CMK series electric wire rope hoists’ all motions are controlled by inverters. Advantages of this are:

  • Even if the operator does tipping (simultaneously pressing and releasing the button in very high frequency), operator errors are corrected automatically, and safe working is preserved.
  • Wear on parts are kept at minimum level thanks to smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Electric wire rope hoist is electronically and continuously monitored thus it is protected from external problem factors . Indirectly, safe working of hoist is assured.
  • Starting currents are always at optimum level, in other words, there is no high peak currents.
  • Braking is not done via using the brakes until the motor is nearly stopped, thus replacing of brake linings would hardly happen in its whole service life.

Negligible hook drift.

Whole trolley groups are direct driven.

Lifting components are covered with high quality acrylic / epoxy paint.

Comparison of the problem scenarios:

Problem: Crane operator presses the buttons quickly, the system overheats after that the system does not work for a while.

Conventional Electric Wire Rope Hoist: (Assuming that the system has PTC) System will not work for a while due to excessive temperature. After dropping back to the nominal temperature values, the system become operational working again. System must wait to work approximately 10-15 minutes. Brakes and motor will be damaged, in time, due to over-heating.

CMK Electric Wire Rope Hoist: (PTC is available in the system for second protection) System will correct the operators wrong commands from the beginning and thanks to efficient cooling, overheating will be avoided.

Problem: Phase array or a phase is missing in system feed.

Conventional Electric Wire Rope Hoist: If the system is being powered while such problem occurs, all electronics will be damaged. All control panels, motors and brakes needs to be replaced.

CMK Electric Wire Rope Hoist: Problem will be detected immediately and system will not function until the problem is solved. As a result, nothing will get damaged and there won’t be any need for replacement.

Problem: Hoisting brake rectifier is broken!

Conventional Electric Wire Rope Hoist: Brakes will not release the disk, thus operating hoist motor will generate extreme heat and stator of the motor, brake linings and brakes will be damaged; thus replacement of these with rectifier is required.

CMK Electric Wire Rope Hoist: Hoisting operation will not function, and the error message will be flashing on the screen in control box. Only broken rectifier needs to be replaced to make system to be operational.