JIB Crane

Category Cranes

CMAK  manufactures in-house designed jib cranes that are applicable to wide variety of industries. The main product types:

  • Floor-mounted turning angle jib cranes [360˚ rotation capability][/360˚]
  • Console (Wall running) jib cranes
  • Wall-mounted turning angle jib cranes [180˚ rotation capability][/180˚]
  • Column mounted turning angle jib cranes [between 180˚-270˚ rotation capability][/between]

CMAK jib cranes increase the production speed of your business and reduce the workload of the larger cranes while performing material handling and placement processes with high efficiency in their locations.

  • Higher efficiency when used at narrow spaces or around any machine.
  • Jib cranes, used for reducing workloads of the overhead cranes at narrow spaces of production site, are suitable for carrying capacities from 250kg up to 5000kg.
  • Jib cranes especially provide optimum solution for array of workstations that are lined side by side.