The World's Most Sophisticated Crane Configurator

Generating bids and formal proposals have never been this easy. Create in minutes a fully calculated quote complete with general arrangement drawings and much more.

User-friendly Interface:

Simple, Well Organized, Intuitive and Reliable.

  • CMAK.Tools and CMAK.3D are very convenient softwares with basic functions and require minimal explanation for how to use.
  • Your junior sales team member can easily adapt and start creating offers with 3D models in less than 20 minutes. (user-friendly)
  • Configurators used by traditional crane companies are not able to compete or reach CMAK.Tools’ level anytime soon.


A tool to bring the best outcome.

  • Accurate knowledge is one of the major obstacle in crane business and one of the basic keys of the success to quote offers accurately and promptly.
  • Preparing an offer on CMAK.Tools is the fastest and the most accurate way in the crane market now. It is designed to minimize the chance of making a mistake.
  • CMAK.3D is integrated to CMAK.Tools. That’s how every single detail is precisely calculated with the minimum amount of data provided.

Perfect Archive:

Working on MS Office Spreadsheets can be useful for a week, three months or maybe a year but when several years are considered to be archived, you’d need a software to rely on.

  • CMAK.Tools helps you to secure your documents from corruption, loss or misuse.
  • You will be able to track your previous offers, orders and customer data easily.
  • Just with entering customer name or an offer number, you can access any offer in your archives, any time.
  • On CMAK.Tools our partners can see up to date versions of drawings, catalogues and files that are shared.
  • You can access what is readily available in our warehouse anytime.


We are well aware that time is money and money is the life blood of every business.

  • Bringing new technology and tools into your organization can increase your productivity, boost up sales and help you to make better business decisions.
  • CMAK.Tools and CMAK.3D will significantly decrease the time spent for preparing or revising an offer, thanks to the innovative way of its handling the data.
  • With CMAK.Tools and CMAK.3D, only one salesperson is needed for precisely preparing an offer.
  • Your sales team will be able to meet customers’ needs faster and smoothly.


Increase sales, get customers to commit. Change through CMAK.Tools and CMAK.3D.

  • Preparing an offer right away is already an impressive feat, but what is really convincing is to send 3D visualisations to the customers in minutes. We do it as a part of our sales process, but for others, it is an extra effort.


There is no significant negative issue of Cmak.Tools, but still we’d like to go over what can be considered as a con.

  • Getting every employee on board can be a challange and there will always be skeptical people who have their working routines and don’t want to change/adapt to new technologies. Also, some of our partners might think that their privacy in danger by entering data on CMAK.Tools, so to relieve that issue, we declare that your information is confidential, strictly protected in CMAK.Tools, with using the most appropriate security measures in our physical and virtual facilities against the loss and misuse.