To select the right overhead crane system for your needs, some factors come into play. Those are:

  • Capacity of the crane
  • Speed of the crane
  • Duty
  • Working environment
  • Height of lift
  • Installation conditions

You can consult to our experts to help you with choosing the right crane for your processes. 


All CMAK products have a two year warranty limited warranty. Also, one year warranty against manufacturing defects for spare parts.

A crane kit is a package that refers to the whole crane components without the steel girder(s).

To calculate the duty/working class of any crane we will need to know the working environment, working duration, and frequency of the lifts. You can consult to our experts, to get help with finding the duty / speed  /capacity your crane should have according to FEM 9.755

In order to provide you with the overhead crane quotation the standard details we need to know are:

  1. Capacity
  2. Span
  3. Height of lift
  4. Duty

According to your needs, you may ask for custom speed, duty, and other features for your cranes.

In order to provide a successful packing system and to avoid any chance of unneeded damages to your orders during transportation,

CMAK take extra care to achieve the most effective delivery by using the following system:

  • For hoists ( Timber cage ISPM-15 + Dehumidifier + VCI heat-shrink)
  • Electrical cabinet, LT drives, festoon and other ( Corrugate box on 4-way timber pallet + Dehumidifier )
  • End Truck and Wheel Blocks (timber or corrugate box on timber pallet)
  • Steel girders ( VCI heat-shrink )